Our fertility awareness program was created to help teach clients and students about their fertility and how it relates to their relationships with others. This program is intended to encourage all clients to have dignifying, healthy, fulfilling relationships to achieve their future family-planning goals.

What is sex?

  • Sex is first and foremost what we are, not something we do (male and female)

  • Sexual Integrity is seeking to make informed and conscious decisions when it comes to our sexual relationships with others

There are different ways we express ourselves to others

  • Spiritual, Physical, Intellectual, Communicative and Emotional

  • These are known as SPICE, and are the basis for building meaningful relationships with each other


Why does this matter?

  • Sex is an act meant to bring a married couple closer together in all the different areas of SPICE

  • When two people have sex outside of marriage, they are forming bonds and relationships with people without the promise and securities of marriage


General Contraceptive Side Effects

  • The physical effects may not affect you, but the emotional and mental side effects of the contraceptive mindset will

  • When the creation of new life is disconnected from sex, sex is no longer about creating a family or creating stronger bonds within that family

  • People are viewed no longer individuals filled with dignity because of their human natures, but objects to be used

  • Women and men become objects of sexual desire

Safe Alternatives to Contraceptives

  • FABMs

    • Fertility Awareness Based Methods

    • Watching for physical signs of one’s fertility

    • Can be used for avoiding or achieving a pregnancy

    • Selecting days of fertility or infertility for having intercourse

  • Creighton

    • Observing cervical mucus and recording daily to determine fertility

  • Couple to Couple (sympto-thermal)

    • Observing cervical mucus and temperature daily, then recording

  • All of these alternatives are completely natural, do not pose any risks or side effects to couples, and help bring couples closer together

Why is Sexual Integrity Important?

  • Sexual integrity is what allows us to respect marriage and protect our bodies and minds from harm from others, especially damage inflicted by having sex outside of marriage.

  • Some of these side effects may be physical, such as contracting STIs or future infertility

  • Other side effects may be mental or emotional, such as depression, anxiety, suicidal tendencies, or toxic relationships

  • Having a better knowledge about your body and fertility allows you to have more control of your own life and circumstances. This can be very liberating and freeing!

If you are interested in learning more about your fertility, sexual health, and family planning options, please make an appointment by clicking the link below or email dominique@defendinglife.org.