The pressure to choose what to do next in your pregnancy journey can feel overwhelming at times. An unplanned pregnancy comes with questions, unknowns, and many different emotions. Know that you don’t have to face this next step alone. Make an empowered decision by understanding your options today.

What Are My Pregnancy Options?

You have three pregnancy options: abortion, adoption, or parenting. The choice is yours but you may want to know more about them before making a final decision. Talk to our team today and get your questions answered. 


Abortion is a serious medical procedure with many risks and side effects. To be eligible for abortion, a pregnancy confirmation is needed, through a pregnancy test and ultrasound. The two types of abortion procedures are medical abortion and surgical abortion. Here are some of the risks of abortion:


  • Infection

  • Heavy/prolonged bleeding

  • Incomplete abortion 

  • Digestive system discomfort

  • Injury to the cervix


Adoption could be the option for you if you don’t want to abort but aren’t quite ready to parent. Or maybe you have concerns with your finances or current life circumstances. With adoption, there are so many willing families ready to care for a child. You can choose what kind of relationship you want with your child by choosing between a closed, semi-open, or open adoption. At Women’s Pregnancy Options, we can help answer any of your questions along the way.


Deciding to parent is a big decision, but comes with great rewards. Maybe you’re thinking “How do I raise a child?” or “How can I afford all the baby supplies?’ The best way to raise a child is with a strong support system. You don’t have to do it alone and there are people like us willing to support you through your parenting journey and connect you with free resources.

Talk through all your pregnancy options with us to learn more.

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